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As a 501 © (3) not-for-profit organization, APDA receives no government or public funds. We depend on the generosity of individuals like you to carry out our mission. Every penny counts in the fight against Parkinson’s, so any donation you can afford to give -- whether a one-time gift, an annual gift, or a monthly gift -- is greatly appreciated.

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Ray Devers presented Midwest Chapter Board President Maxine Dust with $311 he raised from the sale of pizza and home-baked goods to his fellow employees.

“Why me?” Ray Devers asked when diagnosed with Parkinson’s last December. If everything happens for a reason, why couldn’t he come up with one for his own situation?

Finally, Ray made up a reason to  give new purpose to his life. He decided he was meant to raise funds to advance PD research and help others touched by this disease.

Ray shared this vision with his supervisors when setting his “priorities and measures” for 2011. They immediately offered to help and throw the weight of the company behind him.

Ray’s first fund raiser netted $311 from the sale of pizza and home-baked goods to fellow employees at Room and Board in Oak Brook, IL. He donated the proceeds to the Midwest Chapter’s Respite Care program because it provides direct relief to local family caregivers.

“We applaud Ray and his co-workers’ ‘can-do’ attitude,” says Chapter President Maxine Dust. “Their positive approach to helping us fulfill our mission sends a message that focusing on helping others with PD may be one way of working through the challenges of having this chronic illness.”

“This win-win proposition allows us to help a long time employee with his personal quest and to fulfill our own desire to be a better corporate citizen,” says Ray’s manager, Craig Sullivan.

Using Parkinson’s awareness month to talk to fellow employees about what it’s like to have PD, Ray says he has found people are “very supportive if you tell them what you need.”

“When I was diagnosed with PD, I realized I had two choices -- sit around and feel sorry for myself or get up and do something,” Ray says. “I chose the latter. The funny thing is that I set out to help other people and found that I’m helping myself.”

“Thank you all who invest their time and money to help us ‘Ease the Burden, and Find the Cure,’” Dust says. “Your donations help us fund vital programs and services that empower people with Parkinson’s and their families to live fuller lives, and further medical research that holds the promise of improved treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s.”

Helping others live well with Parkinson’s is key to helping ourselves

Do you question whether your charitable donations reach and improve the lives of the people you want to help? If you direct your tax deductible gifts to the APDA Midwest Chapter, you won’t have to wonder anymore. We apply almost all of your dollars to fund programs and services that directly benefit people with Parkinson’s in Illinois and Northern Indiana.

Give the gift of respite care

Your donations make it possible for us to sponsor our unique and highly regarded respite care program, which supports qualifying in-home family care partners are Chapter members in good standing. If approved, they may receive up to $500 per 12-month period to hire a short-term substitute care giver of their choosing so they can have time for themselves. This renewable award is distributed on a first come first served basis, until funds are exhausted.

“Respite care has been a magnificent gift for both my wife and me,” says 78-year-old Karl. “When her Parkinson’s started advancing, caring for her full-time began to take its toll on me, both physically and emotionally.”

His wife’s neurologist suggested Karl apply for the Chapter’s Time Out program. This led him to hire a young woman to tend to his wife’s personal needs a few hours a week, while he took time out for exercise walks. The two women “clicked” immediately.

“My goal is to make my wife as comfortable as possible, and the respite care program is helping me do this,” Karl says.

In addition to “easing the burden” for people with Parkinson’s and their family care partners, your donations also help underwrite the Chapter’s highly-attended annual symposium, featuring renown experts sharing the latest PD information; as well as expense paid workshop training for our volunteer support group leaders.

We need your donation today

Faced with significant declines in corporate and government funding, we need your help to maintain our current level of programs and services. Those of us who are intimately familiar with the ravages of PD must lead by example. We can’t ask others to make sacrifices we ourselves are not willing to make. We are here to help in any way we can.

Keep in mind that polio was defeated by millions of ordinary Americans who donated spare change for 17 years (to what is today the March of Dimes) to fund research that led to development of a vaccine. 

With your continued support, I am confident the cure for Parkinson’s is within reach. Use the enclosed envelope to donate today!

Maxine Dust, President, APDA Midwest Chapter

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